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Thousands of individuals search for reputable agents who rent or sell real estate properties daily. With many real estate agents, determining the best agent is tricky for buyers. Exposure is vital for constantly attracting prospects, even if you have a proven record.

The marketing and advertising industries are unpredictable. For instance, SEO and social media are currently the top marketing options, whereas email and apps are fading away. That’s why partnering with Dream Life Realty for consistent advertising and marketing strategies is the greatest decision you’ll ever make.

Many people are simply creatures of habit. They fear change, but don’t let this fear control your life. Sometimes, change is good and exciting, and that’s the kind of change you need. Don’t let fear stop you from improving your life and the lives of your family. Join other real estate agencies in Dream Life Realty today and start growing beyond your imagination.

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Lead generation is one of the things that never loses value. It’s what agencies require to continue making money and grow tremendously in the present competitive world. Even if you’re handling another project, it’s advisable not to underestimate an opportunity to generate new leads.

Our real estate agency group helps you achieve this goal. We strengthen your online visibility, as that’s where most prospective buyers start searching for trusted property sellers. Create an exceptional profile to improve your visibility, and new leads will start contacting you for your property.

Online buyers are careful about property sellers they can trust. Being part of a large and trusted group like ours makes you a convenient source for real estate needs, as there are other well-known agencies. Using our platform is free, so this is your best chance to join us today and start growing.


We know you have options, but Dream Life Realty is the best. We are committed to providing a level of service that’s unheard of in the real estate world. You will get the knowledge and expertise you need to navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape from us.

100% Commission & Leads Provider

IDX-personalized website

Monthly training

In-house lender

In-house title

No sign-up fees

No hidden fees

No office fees

HUD-approved brokerage

$495 per transaction

Community outreach

24/7 office access

Free business cards

Leads available

Full-service office in the heart of Coral Gables

Offices in Coral Cables and Orlando

Grow Beyond Your Imagination

Coming up ahead of the competition in all facets of the real estate market is what makes Dream Life Realty the best brokerage firm option for real estate agents in South Florida. Agents statewide have found how selecting a top rating real estate broker to work with makes all of the difference in becoming a successful agent. We provide the support every realtor hopes to find, whether they are new agents just making their way into the industry or seasoned professionals whom have proven their expertise.

South Florida real estate agents who have already joined our team have experienced some of the best training and technology support available in the business state-wide. We offer weekly training opportunities to advance the skills of every one of our agents to empower them to become some of the most lucrative professionals in the business. In addition, we provide some of the best customer relations management tools available. These tools make scheduling, communicating and following up with clients a cinch.

Building an efficient real estate sphere is comprised of high-priority scheduling and consistent communications with prospects, as well as current and previous clients. Our agents have repeatedly expressed their gratitude to the many benefits they have received and utilized while working with Dream Life Realty. They have contributed much of their success to the resources made available to them from the brokerage firm, such as no-cost, high quality leads and rent-free office space.


While You’re Working with Clients, Who’s Working for You?

It’s time to put your business goals on autopilot! Real estate agents are at the heart of every deal. It’s agents like you who are the real experts, family counselors and master negotiators. You’re the super heroes making homes happen. But most real estate agents find themselves lacking resources and time to drive in new customers. Although there have been limitless technology tools offered in recent years, many agents complain that these tools have been ineffective and failed in helping to make them a success. They haven’t provided an all-in-one modern way to generate new leads, engage prospects or nurture spheres. Agents, it’s time to take back your life with a one-platform system that will work for you (not the other way around). Meet KvCORE Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) – the #1 ranked real estate platform built to empower agents.

Get everything you need to run your real estate business with an all-in-one customer relationship management system. Start your day with a complete view of what to do and where to spend your time based on generated data. The KvCORE CRM dashboard surfaces your hottest leads and monitors prospects who have recently engaged on your website. It also gathers market reports and provides automated systems for communicating with prospects, as well as current and previous clients. With KvCORE CRM, you will have a powerful platform that puts every aspect of your business, including integrated tools from your brokerage, right at your fingertips.

What Are We About?

Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or a beginner, we are the number one group of agents in Florida. We will enlighten you in different ways to help you accomplish your goals effortlessly. We want prospects to reach out to you and ease your work. However, our training and best tech keep you on your toes. You must deliver impeccable services to keep customers coming back and sending referrals your way.

Our organized weekly training and different events throughout the year give you a chance to meet other real estate professionals. Apart from real estate agents, you get to mingle with attorneys, accountants, mortgage lenders, inspectors, property appraisers, contractors, and brokers, among other real estate professionals. If you are looking for an opportunity to enjoy more in the real estate field, Dream Life Realty is the place to be.

Being a member of the Dream Life Realty group gives you access to professional opportunities and solid support for your real estate career. We aim to provide you with a chance to market yourself effortlessly without listing any property. This is a unique platform where you sell without showcasing anything!


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Yolie Gutierrez
Yolie Gutierrez
Great team! excellent knowledgable agents.
Maurice Attie
Maurice Attie
Amazing broker to work for. Great onboarding experience and support. 100% recommended for new agents.
Jose B. Trejos
Jose B. Trejos
I have been with Dream Life Realty since day one. Now, we are Century 21 Dream Life Realty and I couldn't be prouder of being a part of this organization. From a small office in Doral to our gorgeous Coral Gables office, broker Juan Ortega, built the company with the agent's needs and success in mind. He is a good leader that strives for excellence and seeks it in all of us. With so many agents on the roster, Juan has been able to maintain a close-knit, family environment in the office. What more can an agent ask for?
Rosalia lastra
Rosalia lastra
Margarita Lozano
Margarita Lozano
Absolutely the best real estate office to work in. Excellent Energy , free training and a broker with real down to earth values and always available to help .
Melissa Gibbings
Melissa Gibbings
Working with the one of the office's with the best professional agents in Miami.
Ena Maria Arjona Solorzano
Ena Maria Arjona Solorzano
The great office, Experience, professionals, honesty, qualify this office with a degree of excellent
David S. Torres
David S. Torres
Great atmosphere. Very professional agents.
Amarilys Cruz
Amarilys Cruz
I love my work group. Everyone is always willing to help each other. Juan is very responsive to a questions.

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