We understand you have alternatives, but Dream Life Realty is remarkable. We commit ourselves to provide unmatched services in the real estate space. When you choose us, you’ll get the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape.

Here’s why you should choose us:

100% Commissions

Property buyers searching for homes require an agent to help them navigate the process. Our platform helps you generate more leads, earning your maximum business returns. You will have ample time to focus on completing deals with customers looking for real estate properties.

Best tech

At Dream Life Realty, we provide you with the best modern technology to upgrade your career with real estate software for free. We offer you access to many free and paid marketing apps, groups, and services to help you grow exponentially within your networks and business. Our objective is to ensure you excel and achieve your real estate dreams.

Weekly Training

Like many other sectors, the real estate landscape constantly changes. That’s why we provide excellent weekly training and share tips to help you understand how to deal with customers appropriately. We equip you with technical knowledge about the latest real estate technology and teach you how to use it while growing your career.

Actual brokers offer all the training. Our esteemed business partners, who’re licensed attorneys and experts in their field, also help conduct the training. We offer more training than any other company in town and it’s available in Spanish and English.

Free Leads

Dream Life Realty platform generates high-quality leads for your real estate business. When you choose us, your name is added to our agent’s directory. You’ll get national acknowledgement, enhanced local exposure, and increased qualified leads.

Zero office fees

Dream Life Realty helps you boost your reputation and access many prospects for free. You’ll never have to worry about paying office rental fees because you don’t need an office. Home buyers looking for an agent will find your customized profile online and select you to help them get their dream home.

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Click here to create your free profile. It is the best way to boost your real estate career without spending a fortune. Here you will meet real estate investors and make great deals. This is one of the most excellent platforms for real estate agents in 2022. Look no further!

Reasons People Give for Not Working with Dream Life Realty

They are comfortable where they work

How much can you pay for comfort? Do you wish to pay $28,000 annually or more? Try being comfortable with working with us. When you check your payslip, you’ll feel much more comfortable.

They live far from our offices

It’s not a requirement to live near us, you can still reap all the benefits we offer. Most realtors today work from home. You’ll never have to visit our offices unless you want to.

If you want, email or text us the file number provided by our easy-to-use electronic filing system, and we’ll send your commission that day. We’ll even pay you at the closing with our preferred title company. The company will make your commission payable to you.

They like the people they work with

How much do you like them? Is it worth $28,000? Keep being friends with them, we won’t get jealous. Since you’ll make extra money, you can visit them more often. With time, you’ll also come to like us.

They feel loyal to them because they gave them their first chance

Loyalty is an excellent virtue. We appreciate your loyalty to them. However, they only offered you a job because they wanted you to make money for them. You need to make as much money as possible, whether operating as an individual or corporation. After all, that’s why we all work so hard.

In reality, businesses are only loyal to their employees if it benefits them. Try testing them. Let them know about our offer. Tell them you love working with them and that you want to stay if they’re willing to give this offer. You’ll see them quickly say they can’t. If they’re not willing to sacrifice financially for you, why should you sacrifice financially for them?

Compare Our Plans With What You Currently Earn

Example: Using an 80:20 split

Other companies

Price – $400,000
You get 3% Commission = $12,000
Your broker receives 20% = $2,400
The agent gets $9,600

Dream Life Realty

Price – $400,000
You get 3% commission = $12,000
Your broker receives $495 (primarily charged to the seller or buyer as a brokerage fee)
The agent gets $12,000

The difference is vast, and this is just a single deal!

Let’s say you only complete one transaction each month. By the end of the year, you’ll donate $28,800 to your Broker’s Tesla Fund. You would only pay us a $495 broker fee in the same transaction and keep the rest. Imagine if you sell more than that per month or your sales price rises, you’ll earn more.

Think about what you can do with an extra $28,000? You can purchase a car, go on grand vacations, buy an investment property, save for retirement, or pay your children’s school expenses.

What are you still waiting for? Contact us today to get started!