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About Our Company

Dream Life Realty is the premier 100% Commission Real estate Firm in Florida, offering top-notch training and state-of-art consultancy services in the real estate industry. Dream Life Realty is the only 5 Star-rated (by Realtors) full commission and full service real estate company providing a suitable place to advance careers and reach quality prospects. We aim to help realtors achieve their goals while meeting Florida’s real estate community needs.

An empowered agent is a successful realtor, and that’s why we strive to avail the tools, knowledge, and networks you need. We boast a vast range of resources to guide and help you advance your real estate career, attract renters and buyers, meet other well-established realtors, and interact with other professionals, such as:

  • Mortgage lenders
  • Attorneys
  • Property appraisers
  • Contractors

Regardless of your sector, Dream Life Realty has everything you need to help you and your business receive optimum exposure. We also provide the best tech required to succeed in this highly-competitive industry.

Depending on your sector, we create a customized profile, allowing potential prospects in your area to find you. Our platform helps you generate quality leads, learn about trends in the industry, advance your career, and access world-class tech at no cost.

At Dream Life Realty, we take pride in being part of Florida’s home buying and selling process for decades. We dedicate ourselves to continuing our outstanding realty services while helping property buyers get their dream homes and agents remain on top of their business. Contact us to find out more.

Our Vision

Being the best real estate partner for agents looking to advance their careers and meet their real estate goals.

Mission Statement

Working with realtors and other professionals in the industry by delivering realty services tailored to:

  • Suit clients’ needs
  • Equip realtors and similar professionals with industry-leading insights
  • Continue leading the online marketing space
  • Remain accessible to all clients